Assorted Boxes

Assorted Boxes Direct are a UK manufacturer, importer and distributer of assorted kit boxes to many industries.

We carry over 180 different varieties of kit boxes made up and ready for despatch.

We can provide own branding and use your own licensed barcoding upon request.

Boxes include, but not limited to:

Assorted Glass Fuses
Assorted BA Screws & Nuts
Assorted Blade Fuses
Assorted Steel Nuts 3/16-3/8 UNF
Assorted Machine Screws & Nuts BZP
Assorted Wood screws BZP
Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP
Assorted MINI Blade Fuses
Assorted MAXI Blade Fuses
Assorted Expansion Springs
Assorted Self-drilling Hex-head self tapping screws
Assorted Setscrews M5-M10 BZP
Assorted Steel Nuts M5-M10 BZP
Assorted Mini Hose Clips (7-17mm)
Assorted Grease Nipples
Assorted E-Clips (Black coated)
Assorted Split Pins 1/16-5/32 BZP
Assorted Nylon Insert Nuts (Metric)
Assorted Nylon Insert Nuts (UNF)
Assorted Repair Washers Metric/Imperial
Assorted Spring Washers 3/16-3/8
Assorted Flat Washers 3/16-3/8
Assorted Setscrews 3/16-3/8 UNF
Assorted Self Tapping screws Posidrive 6-12
Assorted Fibre Washers IMPERIAL
Assorted Fibre Washers METRIC
Assorted Electrical Terminals
Assorted Circlips (Int & Ext)
Assorted Clevis Pins
Assorted Compression Springs
Assorted R-Clips
Assorted Stainless Steel Metric Setscrews
Assorted Stainless Steel Metric Nuts
Assorted Stainless Steel Metric Nylocs
Assorted Stainless Steel Metric Flat Washers
Assorted Stainless Steel Metric Spring Washers
Assorted Stainless Steel Self Tapping screws
Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP
Assorted Spring Washers M5-M12
Assorted Nutserts 4mm-8mm
Assorted Copper Sealing Washers
Assorted O-Clips 1/4 - 3/4
Assorted Self Tapping screws Black Flanged
Assorted O-Rings Kit Imperial
Assorted O-Rings Kit Metric
Assorted Flanged Nuts Metric
Assorted Sump Washers
Assorted Red Electrical Terminals
Assorted Blue Electrical Terminals
Assorted Yellow Electrical Terminals
Assorted Copper TubeTerminals 10-70mm
Assorted Larger-sized Split Pins
Assorted Number Plate Fasteners
Assorted Cord Ends FRENCH
Assorted Cord Ends GERMAN
Assorted Twin Cord Ends
Assorted Rivets
Assorted Black Rivets
Assorted Spring Roll Pins
Assorted Woodruff Keys
Assorted Box of M6 Hardware - Setscrews, Nuts & Flat Washers
Assorted Box of M8 Hardware - Setscrews, Nuts & Flat Washers
Assorted Box of Clutch and Accelerator Springs
Assorted Box of Bonded Seal Washers (Dowty Washers)
Assorted Box of Fuel injection copper washers
Assorted Box of Brake Shoe Hold-down Kit
Assorted Box of Wheelweights
Assorted Box of Brake Pipe Nuts
Assorted Copper Compression Washers
Assorted Micro Fuses
Assorted Midi Fuses
Assorted Mega Fuses
Assorted Socket Screws (cap screws)
Assorted Flat Washers Metric - BZP
Assorted Flat Washers Imperial - BZP
Assorted Box of Sump Plugs and Washers
Assorted Box of Grub Screws
Assorted Box of Plasters
Assorted Box of Brass Olives
Assorted Strip Fuses
Assorted Box of Wiring Grommets
Assorted Box of Blanking Grommets
Assorted Woodruff Keys - Imperial
Assorted Continental Fuses
Assorted Pal Fuses
Assorted JCASE Type Fuses
Assorted Domestic Fuses
Assorted Box of 2:1 Heatshrink Mix
Assorted Box of 3:1 Adhesive Lined Heatshrink Mix
Assorted Box of 2:1 Coloured Heatshrink Mix
Assorted Large Self Tapping Screws
Assorted Acme Screws
Assorted Heatshrink Terminals
Assorted Copper Butts 6-95mm
Assorted Brass Tube Couplings
Assorted Brass Tube Couplings
Assorted Push-Fit Couplings
Assorted Helacon Connectors
Assorted Box of Bleed Screws/Nipples
Assorted Low Profile JCASE Fuses
Assorted Nylon P-Clips - Black
Assorted Black Fir Trees
Assorted Heatshrink Solder Sleeves
Assorted Steel Nuts UNC
Assorted Countersunk Self Tapping Screws
Assorted Adhesive Cable Clips
Assorted Adhesive Cable Clips
Assorted Brass Push Fit Couplings
Assorted Hose Menders
Assorted Adhesive Cable Ties Anchor/Bases
Assorted Aluminium Washers
Assorted 25mm Screwdriver Bits
Assorted Pan Head Self-drilling self tapping screws
Assorted Blow Glow Fuses
Assorted Open Ended Ring Terminals
Assorted Stainless Mini Hose Clips
Assorted Box of Uninsulated Cord Ends
Assorted Domed Number Plate Fasteners